Pennsylvania Libertarian candidates pushed off the ballot

(Above: Lou Jasikoff, chairman of the Northeast Pennsylvania Libertarians, discusses the problem on the Sue Henry show)

In Pennsylvania, candidates whose petitions are challenged must pay very high court fees if they lose the challenge. Libertarian candidates Marakay Rogers (running for governor), Kat Valleley (running for lieutenant governor), and Doug Jamison (running for U.S. Senate) withdrew earlier this week because of this problem.

According to ballot access expert Richard Winger, "They were told that if they didn’t withdraw, and the challenge showed that they don’t have enough signatures, their costs would be between $92,000 and $106,000."

As a result of this absurd and unfair process in Pennsylvania, all 2010 statewide candidates in Pennsylvania (other than Democrats and Republicans) have been pushed off the ballot.

On August 23, many of the individuals involved with this situation will be holding a press conference at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania LP chair Mik Robertson writes that the following people are scheduled to attend:

Senator Mike Folmer, Prime sponsor of the Voters Choice Act
Marakay Rogers, Libertarian Candidate for Governor
Kat Valleley, Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
Doug Jamison, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate
Mik Robertson, Chairman, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
Bonita Hoke, Pennsylvania League of Women Voters
Marybeth Kuznik, VotePA
Tim Potts, Democracy Rising
Representatives of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition, and others!