Please donate for ballot access

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Will you donate to help fund ballot access petition drives in New Hampshire and South Dakota?

We’re starting these petition drives for full party access early so we can get them out of the way efficiently before the frantic peak period in 2012. Most states don’t allow us to start this early.

The Libertarian National Committee recently approved $28,000 for New Hampshire and $22,000 for South Dakota. Those state parties will kick in additional funds, and they will also have volunteers help collect signatures.

The Libertarian Party is famous for making it onto the ballot time and time again. Having candidates on the ballot is why we get so much publicity compared to other parties like the Green Party and Constitution Party.

Currently, the LP is qualified for the 2012 presidential ballot in 29 states, while the Green Party is on in 16 states, and the Constitution Party in 12 states.

Petitioning is hard work, but we have some great petitioners who collect signatures and also advertise our party as a result.

Please donate to support these petition drives.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee