Please help us with ballot access

We recently signed an agreement with the Libertarian Party of Arkansas to pay $25,000 for ballot access petition signatures.

Please make a donation to help to pay for this important ballot access effort.

The LP Arkansas is one of our most improved state affiliates over the past four years, thanks largely to the leadership of Rodger and Jessica Paxton.

Arkansas elected three Libertarians to office in 2014. We need to make sure Libertarians are on the Arkansas ballot in 2016.

We have 90 days to collect 10,000 valid signatures. Because some signatures always get thrown out by the elections boards, we estimate we’ll need a total of 14,000 signatures to be safely over the limit.

The petition drive will qualify our 2016 presidential nominee, as well as candidates for every other partisan office in Arkansas.

Ballot access expert Richard Winger notes: “Although the Libertarian Party continues to struggle for ballot access in certain states, it retained ballot access in 30 states after the 2014 election–the highest ever after a midterm.”

But we still have to do it the hard, expensive way in several states. I need your help right away–if we don’t get this done, we can’t move on to the other states that need our help.

Please donate for ballot access today.

Wes Benedict, Executive Director