Potential record-breaker for Libertarian Robert Sarvis

Robert Sarvis for GovernorLibertarian Robert Sarvis and his busy campaign team and volunteers have been traversing the state of Virginia in a bid to win record vote totals in the state.

The Sarvis campaign is on track to win one of the highest vote totals in a governor’s race with both Democratic and Republican opponents in the party’s history.

Polls leading up to Election Day show Sarvis winning 8–13 percent of the vote.

If 10 percent of Virginia voters choose Robert Sarvis for governor, the Libertarian Party will have ballot status for the next three years in the state, which will put the Libertarian presidential nominee automatically on the ballot.

Robert Sarvis’s wife, Dr. Astrid Sarvis, sent this personal message to Virginia voters:

“We have a chance on Tuesday to make history here in Virginia. Because of your support, my husband’s campaign has caused quite a stir already, and if you help him garner at least 10% (and hopefully much more!!) of the vote on Nov. 5th, it will completely change the political dynamic in Virginia. … With a third major party present, the Democrats and Republicans will be forced to get back to serving YOU and return to the rule of law––the principle that laws are fairly applied to all people and institutions.

“Please continue to spread the word to as many people as possible that an opportunity to be a part of history is here, by voting for Robert Sarvis on Nov. 5 and helping him achieve at least 10 PERCENT.”

Today, voters in 11 states have the opportunity to vote for small government and liberty by voting Libertarian.

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