Problems with national committee meeting

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am contributing $250 to help defray the cost of rescheduling a Libertarian National Committee (LNC) meeting and I’d like to ask for your help as well.

Allow me to explain.

Twenty-six people from around the country serve as LNC members or alternates. The LNC is the board of directors of the national Libertarian Party and I’m the Chairman.

LNC members and officers like me are not paid. We are volunteers. We pay for our own flights and hotel rooms out of pocket to attend three to four meetings per year. Serving on the LNC for a two-year term costs each LNC member like me at least three thousand dollars out of pocket.

This past weekend the LNC was supposed to meet in Dallas, but Dallas, like much of the nation, was hit by a winter storm.

Too many people’s flights were cancelled which would have prevented us from being able to reach a quorum, so we had to cancel the meeting at the last minute.

Unfortunately, we did not know in advance we were going to have to cancel the meeting. In fact, nine people had already boarded flights bound for Dallas and a some made it all the way.

People who made it part of the way or even all the way to Dallas include: Dianna Visek of Illinois, Rich Tomasso of New Hampshire, Tim Hagan and Brett Pojunis of Nevada, Starchild and Scott Lieberman of California, Michael Cloud from Arizona, Vicki Kirkland of Florida, Sam Goldstein of Indiana. (Sorry if I missed someone.)

So far, American Airlines and the Hyatt where we were scheduled to meet have been very good about re-booking our flights with minimal extra expense. Unfortunately, the people who actually made it to Dallas instead of getting their flights cancelled have to buy new tickets for our meeting which is rescheduled for next weekend at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport. Our meetings are open to members, and the meeting details are here.

This meeting is important, and it’s where we will set our 2014 budget.

Altogether our board members will probably incur an extra $4,000 total in expenses for having to reschedule this meeting.

I was lucky and was able to reschedule my travel without incurring any extra charges. But I am contributing $250 to help defray the cost to other members who were not so lucky.

I hope you’ll consider pitching in to help defray their costs as well. We set up a fund for this specific purpose.

If we raise more than needed, the excess will go into our general fund.

Click here to donate.

With warmest regards,

LNC Chair Geoffrey Neale

Geoffrey Neale, Chair
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.