Quick survey for LP News about online publication

Dear Friend of Liberty,

LP News, Dec. 2013I’d like some feedback from you regarding LP News for our editor, Eric Dixon.

First a little background. As you may know, LP News is the primary print newsletter for the national Libertarian Party. In recent years, we’ve published four issues per year. We plan to publish six issues in 2014.

We mail the print version of LP News to dues-paying members of the LP. Several weeks after a printed issue ships, we post an electronic copy of LP News online.

Some people have asked us to post LP News online as soon as the print version is available. Common reasons given are so that readers can more easily email articles to others, and to make it available to prospective Libertarians while the news is freshest.

You can find issues of LP News online here.

One drawback to publishing LP New online as soon as the print version is available is that dues-paying members will no longer get the benefit of seeing LP News before others.

I’m fine going with whatever a clear majority of our members prefer. That’s why I’m asking you to complete this poll.

Also, feel free to reply to this note with any suggestions about LP News. While we do read most of your responses to emails like this, we don’t always have the resources to follow up. Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback and often are able to improve as a result. By the way, we are considering publishing a Kindle version of LP News, as well.

Click here to take the poll.

Yours in liberty,

Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee