RT: Clinton’s health not biggest problem of her campaign

ImageLibertarian National Committee vice chair Arvin Vohra was interviewed by Russia Today on September 12:

“Clinton’s physical condition is not the biggest campaign problem. The president needs to stay on one side of issues for some length of time and she hasn’t been able to do that, says former Libertarian candidate for the US Senate Arvin Vohra.”

RT: Clinton’s doctor released a statement that she has been diagnosed with pneumonia. In your opinion, how serious of a health concern is this?

“Arvin Vohra: The biggest issue is the view the Democratic Party has, [which] is that so much power needs to be centralized in the hands of the president. [This] makes a very minor health issue for a president a major health issue for the entire country.

We, as the Libertarians believe the president really shouldn’t have so much power. It shouldn’t make any difference if the president is sick or well because we believe that individuals should keep that power.

The Democratic view is now coming back full circle to create its own problems. Because presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is having some issues, it has now created a bigger problem than it ever should be in a proper free democratic society.

“RT: This statement was released after Clinton nearly collapsed at a 9/11 memorial ceremony due to ‘overheating’ it was reported. What do you make of that incident? Isn’t it time to go public and talk about recent incidents?

“AV: The Clinton campaign has made itself a reputation of really covering up facts again and again. If somebody covers up something once, maybe they are just mistaken but the sheer number of times that the Clinton campaign has covered up something important, really makes people skeptical. Both as a senator and as Secretary of State, and now as a presidential candidate, she has made a habit of lying and misleading the American people…

RT: Clinton is running for one of the top jobs in the nation. Do you think that her recent health issues should be taken into consideration? Will she be able to perform her duties to the fullest extent if she claims the White House?

“AV: As somebody who happens to have the privilege of being in the party that probably has the physically fittest candidate to run for president in recent history, I do think that there is some validity that the president needs to be in a physical and mental condition to be able to serve that office. But that is not the biggest problem with the Clinton campaign by any means. The president also needs to be able to be honest. Clinton hasn’t been able to do that. The president needs to at least stay on one side of issues for some length of time. Presidential candidate Clinton hasn’t been able to do that. The health issue may be an issue but that is far from the biggest issue of that campaign which has been marked by lies and deceit and all kinds of other issues.”