Sampling of Gary Johnson’s Live Tweets During the Presidential Debate

In lieu of being on the presidential debate state, where Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson belonged last night, he live tweeted in response to points discussed. 

Here’s a sampling of what he wrote:

Trump and Clinton talked about bringing jobs back to the U.S. 

Johnson’s response: “Free trade, not isolationism, is what will lead to more U.S. jobs.”

Clinton talked about lowering taxes

Johnson’s response: @HillaryClinton says she wants simplification, but her plan only will make tax code more complex and taxes will go up.”

Clinton and Trump talked about helping the middle class.

Johnson’s response: “When @HillaryClinton says ‘we’ – when @realDonaldTrump talks incentives – hold on to your wallet!”

They talked about free trade.

Johnson’s response: “Neither of these candidates is willing to stand up for free trade. Why am I not at these debates?”

On the general tenor of the debate:

Johnson’s response: “I am waiting to be inspired. Still waiting​.”

Trump and Clinton attacked each other throughout the debate. 

Johnson’s response: “This is the I was expecting. @realDonaldTrump says @HillaryClinton is the scourge of the earth and vice versa.​”

There was a lot of talk about racism and crime. 

Johnson’s response: “Criminal justice reform begins with ending the . @HillaryClinton has been on the wrong side of this issue​”

Trump’s called for bringing back stop-and-frisk policy.

Johnson’s response: “@realDonaldTrump decoder: ‘Law and order’ means throwing away the   – didn’t we fight wars to stop policies like this?”

When the discussion turned to cyberwarfare, neither candidate mentioned Edward Snowden.

Johnson’s response: “Based on what I know, I’d pardon @Snowden.

They debated whether or not Trump supported the Iraq war.

Johnson’s response: “I opposed the from the beginning. I thought we had the military surveillance capability to see WMDs and act on them.”

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