Shall we hire video producer Travis Irvine?

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We have a unique opportunity to reach out to younger prospects and recruit them to the Libertarian Party.

Help us raise $50,000 by making a donation today.

Travis Irvine recently ran for Congress in Ohio, and along with his campaign crew, generated videos that entertained and educated Libertarians and others nationwide.

You have probably seen some of them featured on our home page.

Below are some of the "greatest hits" from the Irvine for Congress weekly campaign video series:

The Kiss of Debt
The Third Finger
Apology to America
It’s Time for Pizza
The Libertarian Balanced Budget Proposal
Paula Brokes Carpet Bagging Outlet
FatCat Tiberi is Really Down on Main Street
Quiz Across America
A Federal Budget Haircut
Spending Out of Control

Here’s another video they just produced for us.

Imagine if our LP headquarters could provide:

  • A free library of outreach videos to our state affiliates
  • Free high-quality customizable campaign television commercials to our candidates
  • Humorous AND serious videos covering important political topics in D.C.
  • Professional quality videos of training and leadership seminars
  • Educational and outreach videos to attract new people to the LP

High quality video content is something the Libertarian Party has lacked, but it is something younger voters expect. For example, enthusiasm for Ron Paul’s recent campaign for President was strongly boosted by a constant flow of dramatic online videos.

We want to know if this is something you support enough to make it affordable for the national Libertarian Party. We’ll know in the next week or two based on how you respond.

Travis Irvine has been making videos and movies since he was eight years old, culminating in several popular videos throughout high school, even more ambitious movie and TV work for his Communications degree at Ohio University, and the founding of his own production company, Overbite Pictures, LLC, in Ohio. Travis has directed, produced and edited everything from wedding videos to music videos to non-profit and corporate videos, all the way to a feature-length horror/satire and a short documentary about his 2007 mayor run, AMERICAN MAYOR.

Nigel Lyons has been shooting and editing video content since 2000. His work has ranged from high school sport reels to corporate videos to the Irvine for Congress campaign spots. He’ll bring his own equipment, saving the party thousands of dollars. In addition to freelancing for a variety of web start-ups and website launches, Nigel created hours of video content built around one purpose–converting visitors into paying customers.


With just a small amount of support from you, we can afford to produce occasional contract videos.

With your strong donation, we can bring one or both of these guys to D.C. to build an in-house video production capability.

What are you willing to contribute to help make this happen?

Our online donation tracker is at $350,254 at the time of writing this. Bringing Travis and/or Nigel onto our staff is a significant investment we can’t afford yet.

We’ll learn how much support there is for this over the next couple of weeks.

Please forward this email to your friends and potential donors, and let them know how much you are donating to support this new effort.

While we’re shooting for $50,000, if we can raise $20,000 or even $10,000, that should be enough to get us started.

Please call our Executive Director, Wes Benedict, at 202-333-008 x 222 to discuss making a donation of $1,000, $5,000 or more.

Whatever you can donate today will help make this possible.

Please contribute online today.


Mark Hinkle
Chairman, Libertarian National Committee


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