Sign the petition to defend schools by ending failed ‘gun-free’ zones

Perhaps no topic has been more debated in recent weeks than gun control. When tragedy strikes vulnerable children, anti-gun advocates see it as an excuse to violate individual liberty, pushing for new firearms bans in a foolhardy quest for illusory safety.

The Libertarian Party has always stood for the individual right to keep and bear arms, for self-defense and the defense of others. The next time a killer strikes, the more responsible citizens who are armed, the more likely it is that the tragedy can be minimized through timely intervention.

Defending schools doesn’t have to involve new government programs or expanded police powers. All it takes is letting responsible citizens carry their firearms in schools just as they already do today in restaurants, grocery stores, churches, malls, and many more everyday locations.

Please join with the Libertarian Party in speaking up for your right to self-defense and our right to defend schoolchildren. Please sign our petition today to end failed “gun-free” school zone laws: