Significant US House Results

Below are the Libertarian Party’s top-vote getters in races for the US House of Representatives:

2-way race with a Democrat or Republican candidate:

Joel Balam KS-3 31.4% 90,391 votes

Randall Lord LA-4 24.7% 61,587

Ben Easton TX-17 20.0% 35,902

Joe Cobb AZ-7 19.2% 19,346

Chip Peterson TX-19 15.0% 28,359

3-way race with a Democrat and a Republican:

Powell Gammell AZ-9 6.4% 13,307 votes

Ron Williams MS-4 6.4% 17,262

Thomas Jefferson KS-4 6.2% 15,587

Kim Allen AZ-1 5.9% 13,347

Rex Bell IN-6 5.8% 15,946

3-way race with only a Democrat or Republican, and at least 1 independent or 3rd party candidate:

Rufus Craig LA-6 10.5% (2nd) 32,185 votes

David Pangrac AR-3 8.1% (3rd) 19,116

Clay Grant LA-5 7.8% (3rd) 20,194

Jim Pirtle CO-5 7.3% (3rd) 21,373

John Robert Deek TX-13 6.1% (2nd) 12,671

In addition, Jim McDermott of AK received 5% of the votes in a 4-way race, which retained ballot access there.

And Richard Brubaker of WY obtained 3.4% in a 5-way race, retaining ballot access in that state.