Students for Liberty: Is “Conservative” a Dirty Word?

From Students for Liberty:

Is “Conservative” a Dirty Word?

by Clark Ruper

The relationship between libertarians and conservatives has been a hot topic lately.  The latest edition of Reason Magazine features the debate Where Do Libertarians Belong? between Brink Lindsey (Cato), Jonah Goldberg (National Review), and Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks).  The debate addresses where libertarians fall on the political spectrum and whether they should embrace the tea party movement.  Last week, Students For Liberty and America’s Future Foundation co-hosted the Libertarianism v. Conservatism Debate between DC interns.  Following the debate, George Mason University economics professor Bryan Caplan wrote two blog posts on the topic.  While these issues are interesting, I am much more concerned with the question of how libertarians should message and market our ideas.

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