Texas Libertarians prevail, defeat “poll tax”

from the Texas LP:

March 15, 2011


HB 418 withdrawn by bill author Berman

AUSTIN- In a victory for The Libertarian Party of Texas, State Representative Leo Berman (R -District 6) withdrew HB 418 on Monday. The bill would have imposed filing fees on third-party and independent candidates, resulting in an intimidating burden for these candidates on future ballots.

The party testified in opposition to the bill at the March 7 elections committee hearing and sent out a call to action on March 14 asking its members to contact representatives on the elections committee to state their opposition. Later that day, Rep. Berman’s office informed the party that HB 418 had been withdrawn.

"I am pleased with the support our membership gave us on this effort, and I appreciate Rep. Berman’s decision to withdraw this bill," said Pat Dixon, Libertarian Party State Chair. "I welcome any future opportunities to meet with legislators to address problems in the election code or other policies."

The Libertarian Party of Texas, always ready to work with those that share common principles, formed an impressive coalition effort to defeat this bill with the Green and Constitution Parties. Additionally, Andy Wilson of Public Citizen, Linda Curtis of Independent Texans and activist Rob Morrow joined in support.

Dixon added "Our effort to form a coalition with groups and individuals outside of our party on common ground issues such as voter choice is something we would like to do more of." The Libertarian Party of Texas thanks its members for its continued support. The successful conclusion to the debate surrounding HB 418 serves as a reminder that informed citizens willing to take action can defend liberty.