The Dollar Vigilante running for office as a Libertarian in Canada

Jeff Berwick
Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick, who is the chief editor for the Dollar Vigilante, a well-known free market website, is running for office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mr. Berwick is a self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist, and is running as a Libertarian for Vancouver Centre Riding. A riding is the Canadian equivalent of a congressional district in the US.

“In the last five years I have been here at The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) trying to help people with information, advice, analysis and services to help free themselves from government and the ravages of the central banks”, said Mr. Berwick.

“During that time I have also conducted more than 200 interviews on Anarchast with anarcho-capitalists (ancaps) around the world on the topic of how to reduce or remove government completely from our lives.  It has been a learning experience the entire time.  And, what I have learned is that just ignoring the government will not result in it reducing in size or disappearing entirely (unless the great majority of the public decided to ignore the government… which doesn’t seem likely to happen soon).  As I believe someone once said, you can ignore politics but politics won’t ignore you.”

“In recent months I have been convinced by a number of anarcho-capitalists that an excellent, and unused way by most libertarians, to affect government, and more importantly to educate the public on liberty, is to get involved in the system itself.”

The election will be held October 19.

Click on the link to read the announcement on the Dollar Vigilante website.

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