Things you can do to help elect Johnson and Weld in 2016

We are so close to getting Gary Johnson the critical 15% he needs in the polls to get into the national televised debates. Libertarians are finally getting some of the news coverage we deserve.
But there are still Americans out there who don’t realize that they have a 3rd option. Please help spread the word!
Here are some simple ways to encourage news media to increase their coverage of our candidates:
– Contact your local newspaper’s editorial board. Encourage them to endorse Johnson and Weld. 
– Contact major national newspapers such as the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and so on. Write to their editorial board or write an opinion piece.
– Call television news show producers and encourage them to invite Johnson and Weld on the show. Tell them that viewers want to hear more about these candidates.
Thank you for helping with this critical effort!
Together, we are making history this year.