Three Libertarians running in one Indiana town council

ImageThree Indiana Libertarian Party candidates were the focus of an article this week in the News and Tribune.

Greg Hertzsch is running for the Clarksville Town Council district 1, Russell Brooksbank for district 2, and Thomas Keister for district 3.

Mr. Brooksbank, the Clark County, IN vice-chair, said he believes Libertarian candidates bring smaller government to the town council.

He told the News and Tribute, “I think just about everything that [the Clarksville Town Council is] doing is all about growing government and growing government’s interaction in our lives, and a Libertarian candidate will reduce that.”

“I think in order for people to trust us with the big things, they have to learn to trust us with the little things,” he said.

The Indiana LP will have 30 candidates on the ballot this November, all running for local office.

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