Top 10 reasons to run for office as a Libertarian Party candidate

This article was originally published in the Sept. 2015 issue of LP News (page 10).


  1. People who used to ignore your Libertarian ideas will suddenly become interested in them.
  2. The news media and issue advocacy groups will seek you out for your Libertarian proposals and publicize them on the Internet and in newspapers, radio, and/or TV.
  3. You will learn how to campaign, build a support base, and build name recognition that you can use for a future run for office.
  4. You’ll turn more voters on to your Libertarian solutions by showing them exactly why liberty is the best solution to human problems.
  5. You may provoke a response to your agenda from your opponents and move them in a Libertarian direction.
  6. You’ll provoke attacks on your Libertarian agenda — which is even better. It shows that you’re talking truth to power and challenging the Big Government status quo.
  7. Your campaign will give voters a choice — finally — to cast a vote for what they want instead of what they feel they must put up with.
  8. Your campaign will impact other Libertarian campaigns, driving up each other’s vote totals — and driving up the Libertarian vote total nationwide.
  9. You’ll look back on your campaign knowing that you helped to advance liberty in America — and all the blessings that it brings.
  10. Your campaign will draw new members into the Libertarian Party. Some will become future Libertarian leaders and candidates.


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