Virginia LP will have record eight federal candidates on the November ballot

Bill Redpath
Bill Redpath,
LPVA Chair and
US House District 10 candidate

The Libertarian Party of Virginia will have eight federal candidates on the ballot this November, the most federal candidates in an election in their history, and the most federal candidates on a ballot in the state for a non-establishment party since 1934, when the Socialist Party ran nine candidates for the US House of Representatives.

The party will have a US Senate candidate, and seven candidates for the US House of Representatives.

Virginia has difficult ballot access. A US House candidate must collect at least 1,000 signatures from registered voters in their district, and a statewide candidate must collect 10,000 signatures from registered voters in the state, with a minimum of 400 from each of the 11 congressional districts.

Further, to become a recognized party, a statewide candidate must get 10% of the vote.

The candidates are:

  • Rob Sarvis – US Senate
  • Bo Brown – US House 4th
  • Paul Jones – US House 5th
  • Will Hammer – US House 6th
  • James Carr – US House 7th
  • Jeffrey Carson – US House 8th
  • Bill Redpath – US House 10th
  • Marc Harrold – US House 11th

From LPVA chair Bill Redpath, “While the Libertarian Party of Virginia was shooting for a statewide slate for Congress, seven is a record number of US House candidates for the LPVA.  This is big step forward for our state party.”