Washington Libertarian Darnell receives major Republican endorsements

Michelle Darnell
Michelle Darnell

The Michelle Darnell for State House Dist. 48 campaign got a shot in the arm this week as three prominent Republicans crossed party lines to support the Libertarian nominee. Bill Bryant, Marty McClendon, and Steve McLaughlin, the Republican nominees for governor, lieutenant governor, and commissioner of public lands respectively, have all offered their unqualified support for Darnell in her bid to become Washington’s first Libertarian state legislator.

“I deeply appreciate each of these endorsements,” Darnell said. “They prove that people from different parties can still come together in the service of our communities and our state. People are hungry for politicians to put people before parties and, in that light, I look forward to working with Washingtonians of all political stripes.”

Of Darnell, Bryant wrote, “Your tenacity, persistence and open style will help build the bridges we need built in Olympia.” Through her work to help homeowners faced with foreclosure, her work as a citizen lobbyist, and through experience gained as a paralegal, Darnell has earned the support of voters and prominent office holders alike.

Carl Bliesner, Darnell’s campaign manager, sees these endorsements as a springboard. He said, “When prominent political figures cross party lines to support a candidate like Michelle, one must pay attention. These endorsements underscore Michelle’s political credibility, and we will carry and build on this credibility for the rest of the campaign.”

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