Washington Times: Gov. Gary Johnson calls for more choice in presidential debates

Gov. Gary Johnson on presidential debatesFrom a Gov. Gary Johnson column in the Washington Times:

“How would consumers like it if, when they go to buy a new car, they were led to believe that the only real choice they have is to buy either a Ford or a Chevy? What if, after they looked at the Ford and the Chevy, half of all consumers weren’t satisfied with either one?

“The answers are pretty clear: They wouldn’t like having their choices arbitrarily limited, and I suspect they would demand at least an opportunity to consider other options, such as a Chrysler or Toyota.

“This unlikely scenario is precisely what happens every four years when America elects a president. In 2012, just weeks before the election, a Pew Research poll found that only 54 percent of voters were satisfied with their choices for president, and a full 40 percent were not…”

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