Washington Times: Libertarians strut their stuff

From Washington Times column March 19, 2014:

Libertarians strut their stuff: ‘We pay for our own conventions’

Libertarian Party National Convention - Columbus, Ohio - June 26-29, 2014 While the major political parties strike threatening poses and hiss at one another, the Libertarians have already organized a national convention set for late June in Columbus, Ohio — ironically a city under heavy consideration as a site for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Their motto for the event: “Character Matters.”

Yes, former Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson will be there, along with his 2012 running mate Judge James Gray.

“Putting on a national convention in a nice professional hotel is a huge project with significant expenses, and we don’t receive taxpayer subsidies for our conventions, unlike the Democrats and Republicans. That’s right, Democrats and Republicans each got about $18 million of government money for their national conventions in 2012,” says Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee.

“We Libertarians pay for our own conventions,” he adds. See their [LP National Convention] big doings here.

Register for the LP National Convention in Ohio June 26–29, 2014