Washington Times: Third party fever – ‘Not too late to run as a Libertarian’

ImageFrom the Washington Times on April 22:

“Wes Benedict, [Executive Director] of the national Libertarian Party, is reminding the politically minded that they can still declare their intent to run for office in 35 states. Filing deadlines for the formal paperwork have not passed in scores of states, ranging from Alabama to Wyoming. ‘It’s not too late to run for office as a Libertarian,’ Mr. Benedict advises.

“Believers in the cause have taken him up on it….322 aspirants in 18 states [are] running for an assortment of offices, from U.S. senator to state assembly members and county tax assessors….

“[Says Mr. Benedict,] ‘You may provoke a response to your agenda from your opponents, and move them in a Libertarian direction. You’ll provoke attacks on your Libertarian agenda — which is even better.’”

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