We need YOU to help collect signatures in Pennsylvania to get our ticket on the ballot. Earn $$$!

The Libertarian Party is committed to getting our presidential / vice presidential ticket on the ballot in all 50 states, plus D.C., this election year.

To get ballot access, the LP has petition drives going in a number of states in the next few months. None is more challenging or more critical than Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is the sixth-most populous state in the nation — worth a boatload of electoral votes.

It is also a toss-up state, which means the Ds and Rs will be fighting ferociously for those electoral votes. The media will be focused on Pennsylvania. Our presidential candidate will get tons of media coverage — if we’re on the ballot! 

And it’s looking like the Libertarian Party will get more votes this year than the party has ever seen. Who knows what’s possible in this crazy, unpredictable Election Year 2016?

Bottom line: We must get on the ballot in Pennsylvania.

We need your help now, either as a paid or volunteer petitioner, to gather the 35,000 raw signatures we need by August 1. Or a donation to help pay petitioners.

We’re paying $2.50 per signature.

Because we need to validate them and prepare for a massive turn-in, we want to get them all in by July 21.

As of May 10, we have about 5,000 signatures in hand. Which means, we need to collect 3,000 per week for the next ten weeks!

Might you be willing to collect signatures as a volunteer?

Or might you be available to help at this $2.50 / signature rate (or a reduced rate, if you want to donate your time as well)? If you take to petitioning and you’re serious about it, you can collect 500 per week and earn $1,250/ week. If you live in PA or have a place to stay, that’s ideal, as we are not paying expenses. (Airbnb is an option for lower-cost housing.)
If we can get 30 people, paid or volunteer, to collect 100 signatures a week, we’ll make it.

Or if we get six people to collect 500 per week, well make it.

If you can help gather signatures, please download these materials (see attachments to this blog, below):

1. Instructions for how to petition and how to print blank petitions

2. PDF file of the actual petition form to be printed

3. W-9 (if you want to get paid, you need to fill this out, scan it, and e-mail it to Operations). You will also need to get in touch with petition coordinator Bill Redpath. You can call him at 703-864-2132 or e-mail him.

If you cant petition, please help by making your most generous donation to pay for professional signature gatherers. Please go to this website and make whatever donation you can afford today.

Let’s lick this Pennsylvania drive — and make the Libertarian Party the only third party in the nation on the ballot in every state across the land!