We’re fighting for our lives to keep Johnson/Gary on the ballot in PA – Please help now!

Dear Fellow Libertarians

Volunteers are going all-out to keep Libertarians Gov Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gary on the ballot in Pennsylvania – and our whole slate of statewide PA Libertarian candidates.

Roy Minet who’s heading the effort to stave off the Republican’s challenge, reports:

"As of late yesterday afternoon, we completed the review of approximately 26,000 petition signatures from the Philadelphia area. The Republicans expected us to fold by about the middle of LAST week. Because of our dedicated and motivated volunteers, we did NOT throw in the towel and are still vigorously fighting the Republican bullies and their battery of dark-suited attorneys.

"But the battle is not yet over and NOW MOVES TO HARRISBURG."

We need help now to win this ballot. We need a few more volunteers next week to be in court and fight the rest of this challenge – and funds to pay for court costs .

We’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars to fight this ballot – we’re not sure where the tab will end. We immediately need $18,000 to pay our legal bills.

Would you please donate now as we continue the fight?

Roy Minet also had this to say:

"I literally get choked up when I think of all the people who have answered the call to stand up to this gang of bullies.  They have come from far and near.  Some have stayed for quite a few days in motels. Seven states have been represented from as far away as Colorado! People have taken off work and used their vacation time.  Quite a few have come multiple days and a few have answered the call almost every day.  Some from other parties have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us to sustain this effort going into its third week.  We have been welded into a unified and effective team by the need to provide voters real choices on the ballot and to overcome the rigged election laws that have been engineered by the two old parties to eliminate their competition!"

If you can be in Harrisburg Wednesday and/or Thursday, September 5-6 from 9:00am to 5:00pm, please send an email now to roy.minet@comcast.net.

If you can donate now, please click here and note "PA ballot challenge" in the comment field at the bottom of this form.

Please do what you can to help. Let’s win this one!

Thank you!