Candidate Coordinator Cara Schulz Tells Washington Post Her Political Participation Is “Deeply Tied” To Her Pagan Faith

Last week the Libertarian Party’s Candidate Coordinator Cara Schulz was quoted in an article in the Washington Post about her faith, her politics, and how they complement each other in the Libertarian Party.

Cara, who is a practitioner of the ancient Greek religion Hellenismos, told the interviewer that pagans are already outside the mainstream, making them more open to political parties and movements which fall outside the usual two-dimensional approach.

“If you ask us if we prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream, we will pick strawberry. Or vegan mocha with almonds,” she deliciously described.

“The core ethic of the Libertarian Party also matches the core ethic of most pagans’ religions,” Cara continued. The Wiccan Rede An ye harm none, do what ye will is “strikingly similar” to the Non-Aggression Principle, which lies at the heart of libertarianism and the Libertarian Party.

Though research shows that the majority of America’s pagans are not involved in politics, Cara says her involvement is in part because of her religious beliefs. Hellenismos teaches that “to be a devout person was to be an active community member,” and, while maintaining that religion and government be kept entirely separate, her involvement is “deeply tied” to her pagan beliefs.

Cara is also a member of the Burnsville City Council in suburban Minneapolis, winning election to her second term in November. She joined the LNC’s staff in the fall of 2017.