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Meet us in Miami

The Libertarian Party will be hosting a pool side dinner and discussion with elected Libertarian officials in Florida. We’d love for you to join us. The panel will be moderated by former LNC Chair and current the elected Commissioner of Altamonte Springs, Florida. Jim Turney grew up in the Carolinas, Texas and Virginia before he […]

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Ellen and Roger Misbach

Libertarian candidates win fight for ballot access in Connecticut

From on October 14, 2019: Libertarian candidates Roger and Ellen Misbach settled a lawsuit against the Secretary of the State and their names will appear on the [Meriden] November mayoral and City Council ballot. Roger Misbach sued the Secretary of the State’s office and Secretary Denise Merrill for denying ballot access to the Misbachs over […]

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CNN picked up our latest effort

Great news! The Libertarian Party picked up some media coverage! As the Libertarian Pary’s Membership Manager, I am always looking for issues and communities that coincide with the Libertarian Party’s message of non-aggression. When President Trump announced that his administration would target flavored vaping products, I knew this was an issue that would send voters to […]

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the advocate

LPLA chair featured in Louisiana’s largest daily newspaper

Rufus Craig, chair of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, was featured in an article in The Advocate, Louisiana’s largest daily newspaper, on September 27, 2019. He is running for the state Senate sixth district seat on October 12. Mack “Bodi” White looked like he would once again draw no opponents in his reelection bid for […]

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Scotusblog Lists Libertarian Party Bequest Case as a “Petition of the Week”

Scotusblog, the blog of the United States Supreme Court, has highlighted the petition pending before the court regarding the case of the Libertarian Party’s lawsuit against the Federal Elections Commission as one of its “Petitions of the Week“. Below is the text of the post: Issues: (1) Whether limiting the size of Joseph Shaber’s uncoordinated […]

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Libertarian Party

Red Flag

Republicans and Democrats don’t seem to agree on much… … except that they can run your life better than you can. Day by day, your rights are being eroded under the careful watch of the two old parties. Unfortunately, that includes your Constitutionally guaranteed right to own and use firearms to protect yourself from rapists, […]

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City Councilman in New York switches to Libertarian Party

From WRFA-FM in Jamestown, New York on September 23, 2019: Jamestown City Councilman At Large and 2019 mayoral candidate Andrew Liuzzo has left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party. The announcement was made during a press conference Sunday morning with county Libertarian party officials present, along with an appearance by Larry Sharpe, 2018 […]

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Ross Ulbricht

Free Ross

Friends, As of the day I wrote this, Ross Ulbricht, a first time offender, is serving 2 life sentences without parole for non-violent charges. Ross has always been a strong advocate for free markets, and when he created the Silk Road, he believed he was creating a free market that operated online with complete privacy, […]

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2020 Libertarian National Convention in Austin, Texas

Credentials Committee Application

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) is seeking applicants to serve on the Credentials Committee for the May 21-25, 2020 national convention in Austin, Texas. The LNC expects to make these appointments at its November meeting. The LNC appoints 5 out of the 10 Credentials Committee members. The remaining five seats are filled by the five […]

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