Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Photo Credit: Avens O’Brien


Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Many of you know I’m the son of my mother, an immigrant from Guatemala and my father, a native of Puerto Rico. My heritage, my family and the shared history and experiences it brings have contributed quite a bit to my journey to become a libertarian, to now being Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

My mother came from war-torn Guatemala after unsuccessful regime change policies destabilized the region, which was compounded with the viciousness of the drug war policies from nations across the region. Bad governmental policies made life more difficult as my grandma struggled to successfully raise her nine children. My mother then came into her own economic struggles raising my younger brother and me as she worked multiple jobs and got herself through college to offer us a better life.

At the time, I didn’t understand the role that taxes, regulations, and other factors played in the cost of living and education, only the punishment they waged on my mother. But she persevered and showed me the power of individual determination, positivity and most of all the responsibility and possibility our liberties bring.

The Libertarian Party fights against the policies that have destabilized the world and affected the families of many Hispanic American families like my own — policies that make it harder for families to get a foothold in bettering their lot in life, and the injustice system that destroys the potential for too many, too soon, at too great a cost.

I’ve met many great Hispanic Libertarian activists in my travels across the country including the former chair and vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida, Marco Miralles and Omar Recuero. We have Hispanic candidates running exciting and bold campaigns, such as Oscar Herrera in Ohio. The Libertarian Party is truly a cross section of the rich and diverse tapestry of the United States of America and is poised to break through as the ideas of liberty unite people of any heritage, any faith, any gender, any sexuality and any gender identity. We all benefit from a world built on peace, property rights and individualism.

So please help keep the growth of this movement alive and growing by donating to the Libertarian National Committee so we can continue to support the hard work of activists like Marcos, Omar, Oscar and so many more.





Alex Merced

Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee