CNN picked up our latest effort

Great news! The Libertarian Party picked up some media coverage!

As the Libertarian Pary’s Membership Manager, I am always looking for issues and communities that coincide with the Libertarian Party’s message of non-aggression.

When President Trump announced that his administration would target flavored vaping products, I knew this was an issue that would send voters to the Libertarian Party.

LP National’s staff quickly turned around a membership campaign, an educational site in just a few days, and alerted the media with a press release.

Because of this rapid response, CNN included the Libertarian Party in their vaping coverage yesterday.

Would you like one of these shirts covered by CNN yesterday?

When you donate $25 to LP National by clicking the button below, you will become an official card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party AND you will receive this “I Vape, I Vote” shirt (hat tip to Evan McMahon for designing the shirt).

Your membership helps the Libertarian Party mobilize rapidly during critical times to reach voters. Our work to reach the vaping community is just one opportunity. Sadly, our freedoms are being targeted too frequently.

The Libertarian Party can only push back on government overreach because of your support!

In liberty,




Jess Mears
Membership Manager