Dear Libertarian,

As you know, yesterday was Election Day.

Because 2017 is an odd-numbered year, there weren’t as many races going on around the country as in even-numbered years but we did have Libertarian candidates representing us in a number of partisan and non-partisan races.

Sometimes it takes a few days for the final results to come in but we are posting the results as we become aware of them here.

Running for office as a Libertarian is nothing short of heroes work. Libertarian candidates go into it knowing that it is an uphill battle, that the cards are stacked against us, but they do it anyway. They do it to give voters a choice. They do it to give liberty a voice. And they do it to help build our party.

And sometimes, despite the odds, they win.

Please join me in congratulating this list of newly elected Libertarians:

— Jim Turney – Altamonte Springs City Commission – Florida

— Greg Perry – Rome Township Auditor – Pennsylvania

— Jennifer Moore – Auditor of Upper Providence in Montgomery County – Pennsylvania

— James Fryman – Victory Township Supervisor in Venango County – Pennsylvania

— Demo Agoris – Houston Borough Council in Washington County – Pennsylvania

— Jerry Geleff – Exeter Township School Director in Berks County – Pennsylvania

— Jason Aucker – Spring Township Auditor in Snyder County – Pennsylvania

— Zachary Elliott (on the left in photo below) – Coconut Grove Village Council – Florida

— Kevin Cline – Long Beach City Council – Washington

— Christopher Nance – Carthage Town Commission – North Carolina

— Eleanor Russell – Houston Borough Judge of Elections – Pennsylvania

— Jake Towne – Lower Nazareth Auditor and Judge of Elections – Pennsylvania

We are still waiting on the results from Apollo Pazell’s too-close-to-call city council race in Utah.

Heartfelt thanks to each of our candidates this year. Every candidate that ran deserves our appreciation for their courage to stand up for our principles.

I’d like to specially thank Cliff Hyra who ran a very active campaign for Governor in Virginia, Michelle Darnell who ran a very active campaign for Washington State Senate, and Joe Buchman who ran a very active campaign for US Senate in Utah.

Also, kudos to three Washington LP candidates who received over 40% of the vote in their respective races: Paul Addis, Kent City Council Position 2 (45%); Ed Pace, Spokane Valley City Council Position 4 (41%); and James Blair, Yelm City Council Position 7 (45%).

Last night, I watched the election results come in from Miami with members of the Florida LP. Thanks to Sacha DuBearn (another candidate who fell just short of victory) and his wife for hosting Florida’s election night party at his beautiful home in Miami.

Again, thank you to our candidates!

2018 is right around the corner. LP Florida Chair Marcos Miralles (on the right in the photo above) reports having 38 likely candidates already lined up for the 2018 elections!

We all need to be like Marcos and his team, and start recruiting candidates immediately. Different states have different filing deadlines. For example, Texas’ is as early as next month!

So if you are interested in running in 2018, please fill out this form today and let us know of your interest. We have recently expanded our team at HQ to provide more resources for candidates. If you fill out this form, someone will be in touch soon.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

P.S. LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark will be on “Kennedy” tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 8 PM EST on Fox Business channel.

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