Congressman Thomas Massie to Host “Walking Meet and Greet”

Congressman Thomas Massie to Host “Walking Meet and Greet” at Libertarian Convention Following Introduction of His END THE FED Bill Friday, May 24th
Washington DC, May 16th, 2024 — The Libertarian Party will host Congressman Thomas Massie at the Libertarian Convention Friday, May 24th, for a “walking meet and greet” with convention attendees. Representative Massie will join the collection of free minds and markets, following the introduction of his momentous bill to End the Fed, which will be delivered to the floor of the House that morning. “Thomas Massie’s commitment to pushing libertarian policies in congress is unmatched by anyone else in office right now. We deeply appreciate him and we’re excited he’s coming to visit us.” Congressman Massie will arrive at the convention sometime after lunch on Friday, depending on the timing of the End the Fed bill’s introduction on Capitol Hill. The theme for the 2024 Libertarian National Convention is “Become Ungovernable.” This was chosen following the previous years of unconscionable authoritarian actions by the United States Federal, and State governments, which saw citizens confined, indoctrinated, lied to, and inoculated against their will. The citizens of these United States must become ungovernable to regain their basic rights and freedoms.

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