Column points to vote for Libertarian calling for release of victimless drug offender

Libertarian David Afton, running for Prosecutor in Wayne County, Michigan, got a boost from Deadline Detroit columnist Allan Lengel.
Lengel cites statements from the Informant America blog, which advocates for the release of Rick Wershe. Sentenced for life, Wershe was convicted of dealing drugs as a teenager:
Attorney David Afton, the Libertarian candidate you’ve probably never heard of, is running against incumbent Kym Worthy for the Wayne County Prosecutor job in November, and he has a strong opinion about the long-term incarceration of convicted drug dealer Richard Wershe Jr.”
“As far as [Worthy is] concerned, Rick Wershe is buried alive, and she is doing all she can to keep it that way. He caused problems for her political and personal allies, and this is her way of maintaining the vendetta that has continued for nearly 30 years.”
“If you think it’s time for Kym Worthy to go earn a living doing something else, David Afton is the option.”
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