Dikeman releases full text of Beto for Texas and CNN FEC complaint; announces press conference in McAllen, TX, on separate issue

Neal Dikeman for U.S. Senate

HOUSTON — Today on www.NealDikeman.com the Neal Dikeman for Senate campaign released the full text of the previously reported complaint to the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) against CNN, a division of Turner Broadcasting, and Beto for Texas, the principal campaign committee of the Democratic Nominee for US Senate in Texas. If enforced at the fair market value we believe this would be the largest single campaign finance violation civil enforcement to date by the FEC, with a fair market value of over $10 million. We are not demanding inclusion in the debate, we are demanding CNN and Beto O’Rourke follow the campaign finance law of the land, regardless of whether or not they believe it to be a correct or flawed law.

The Dikeman campaign said: “We’re releasing the full text publicly today after multiple media sources yesterday asked for the complaint itself. Given our understanding that there is no requirement to keep it private and to clear up any confusion over the law, legal theory, and facts we believe to be true, we chose to release openly today rather than share individually with selected media sources.” The campaign also released the demand letter to CNN notifying them of the complaint, and asking CNN to cancel or remedy the format, regardless of whether that remedy includes Neal Dikeman.

At this time to our knowledge neither CNN nor Beto for Texas has responded to our requests to discuss remedies, have not publicly changed their debate plan, and have not responded to any journalist request for comment. We stand ready to withdraw or amend the complaint if CNN or Beto for Texas remedies it with or without our inclusion, as well as participate in order to ensure the debate qualifies as a staged public debate if CNN and Congressman O’Rourke request.

As reported in the Dallas Morning News: “Erin Chlopak, senior legal counsel of campaign finance for the Campaign Legal Center, said the lack of members on the FEC makes it hard to see how this complaint can go through. The FEC is normally made up of six commissioners, with no more than three from either political party. However, the commission only has four members, with two seats open.”

And as reported in Texas Monthly, the recourse if the complaint is not taken up by the FEC, dismissed or the remedy applied is viewed as not adequate, is to appeal to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Press conference in McAllen, TX, on separate issue

On Thursday, Oct 18th, in McAllen, TX, at the McAllen Performing Arts Center before the CNN town hall debate with Congressman O’Rourke, we will issue a press release which details evidence, facts and timelines on a separate issue related to our role in engineering Ted Cruz’s agreement to debate O’Rourke.

Libertarian candidate Neal Dikeman is one of three nominees on the ballot for US Senator in Texas in 2018.

FEC Complaint Full Text

Demand Letter to CNN

The Dikeman campaign’s official campaign website is www.nealdikeman.com, on Twitter @nealdikeman, and Facebook at NealDikemanforSenate. Press and speaking inquiries can be forwarded to info@dikeman.net or c.meckel@lonestarcampaigns.org

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