Disastrous debate shows the need for another option – NOW!

It is difficult to even come up with words to say after such an embarrassingly childish display. That debate was a joke —  just like we knew it would be. It would have been difficult to imagine such a disgraceful event, and yet it was exactly what we should expect from two out of touch megalomaniacs who have nothing to offer the American people except for claims that the other one is worse.

From the very first question, it was clear that there would not be a moment of meaningful dialogue in the night. President Trump and Joe Biden were asked to discuss the economy, COVID-19, criminal justice reform, climate change, healthcare, and race relations. Either one of them could have taken time to lay out a plan, discuss the roots of the problems we are faced with, and try to assure voters that they are equipped to take on the challenges at hand. Yet in the only brief moments when shouting and interrupting wasn’t all that could be heard, the messages these candidates managed to broadcast were empty and divisive. Both made repeatedly false statements or offered completely false promises, both took swipes at the other’s track record while running from their own, and both painted the “other side” as something to be fear and hated, furthering the divide that is already gaping in our nation.


While supporters of the duopoly are hanging their heads wondering how these can be the only two choices, Jo Jorgensen is reaching voters every day and showing Americans that all hope is not lost. While old men bicker like children, Dr. Jorgensen is educating (the thing she does best) voters on the importance of ending qualified immunity and no-knock raids, on ending the war on drugs and getting the FDA out of the way during a global health crisis, and on addressing the out of control debt forced on future generations by Republicans and Democrats. Jo’s principles are deeply rooted in liberty for all, not just for those on her tribe, and she will continue to spread that message and the hope that it brings until the last ballot is cast.


Please help the hope of Liberty reach voters. There is no hope in the policies and politicians on the right and the left — that could not have been made any more clear last night. Libertarian policies bring freedom. Libertarian solutions bring hope. Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a choice for every single American. Please donate today to keep that news spreading until November 3rd.