Former LNC chair interviewed on RT television


Former Libertarian National Committee chair Dr. James Lark was interviewed on Russia Today on September 27.

“’Many Americans have now come to the conclusion that the debates – while interesting and in some ways entertaining – are certainly lacking in the sort of having the wider perspective that other parties can provide,’ he told RT.

“’The Libertarian Party is on the ballot on all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This is a very difficult test to perform. I think that many people would like to hear Governor Johnson’s perspective. Even if they don’t agree with the Libertarian perspective with respect to various important issues, they still feel that that perspective should be represented,’ he said.

“A number of media outlets were urging American voters not to support third party candidates, telling them they have to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’. James Lark says that approach is not particularly right.

“’For those people who believe in limited government, getting government back to its proper role of protecting rights, I tell them that my crystal ball broke a long time ago. I don’t know what the right strategy is. I don’t tell people for whom they should vote. I tell people however, I want to vote for someone who believes in individual liberty coupled with personal responsibility. The vote for a third party candidate, such as Governor Johnson, will have a much bigger impact on this election than voting for ‘the lesser of evils’, Lark said.”

Click here to watch the interview. (Scroll down page to “Debates lack wider perspective as third parties not allowed.”)