From state Senator Laura Ebke

Laura Ebke

Dear Libertarian,

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my third anniversary of becoming a big-L Libertarian!

In the three years since my conversion, a lot has happened.

I’ve been invited to speak at something like 12 state Libertarian Party conventions; I was invited to say a few words at the Libertarian National Convention gala in New Orleans; I’ve run for re-election wearing the mantle of “Libertarian” instead of that party whose name shall not be mentioned but started with an “R.”

I’ve made friends around the country and have become a part of the Libertarian family.

As I’ve traveled around and gotten to know more Libertarians, my optimism for the future has grown.

Here’s why:

  • 2018 saw a new generation of Libertarians learning how to campaign, run campaigns, and earn votes.
  • Early signs from my travels this year suggest that’s not slowing down. The number of people identifying as Libertarians continues to grow, and I’ve talked to a number of next-generation candidates getting ready to wage the battle for liberty in 2020.
  • Although we are not without our differences in terms of approach and focus, every Libertarian that I’ve talked to — whether in Oregon, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, Michigan, or any of the other places I’ve visited — has a hunger for victory, and a true desire to grow the party and advance the cause of freedom.

This is the time in the election cycle when we should be doing a few key things:

  • Outreach to disaffected voters, so that we can show them the light to be found in the Libertarian Party.
  • Recruit great candidates to run in the 2020 election cycle at all levels of government — from school board and city councils, all the way up to U.S. Senate seats and the presidency.
  • Train both candidates and volunteers in ways to be most effective.
  • Further develop our data skills and tools so that our state parties and candidates can best reach voters.

Those things require two more things: First, they require YOU. People who love liberty need to show up, spread the word, and volunteer their time and talents. Second, they need money.

Last year, I became a Lifetime Member of the national Libertarian Party. I’m also a monthly Liberty Pledger to both the national party and my state party.

I believe in the promise of the Libertarian Party, and I’m willing to put my money and my time into helping the party grow and achieve great things in 2020 and beyond — because I believe that only with a strong Libertarian Party will we stop the downward slide deeper into statism, and begin the climb out of the hole. I’d like to be more free in my lifetime, but I really want to leave my children and grandchildren a world in which their liberties can thrive!

I hope you’ll join me, through your volunteer efforts in your local and state affiliates and also by considering a donation — or a monthly pledge.

Also, just a reminder, if your membership isn’t current, bringing it up to date will help boost the number of delegates your state gets at next year’s Libertarian National Convention, where delegates will consider the platform, nominate the presidential and vice-presidential candidates of our party, and elect our party officers.

In liberty,

Laura Ebke

Laura Ebke
Former Nebraska State Senator
Lifetime Libertarian Party Member
Liberty Pledger