Help candidates like Gideon!

Dear Libertarian,

With your help, Gideon Oakes’ team has knocked on nearly 4,000 doors in rural South Dakota!

His district is larger than the state of Connecticut but has a much smaller population. Smaller population areas can be extra opportune for Libertarians, and that is one of the reasons Gideon is receiving help from one of the two field teams sponsored by the national party.

Gideon has previously served two terms as a city councilman and is now running for State Senate in South Dakota. He works in real estate by day and is a committed community volunteer by night. He’s also a husband and father.

His opponent is a 20-year career politician who, in Gideon’s words, “never misses an opportunity to pass laws against things he doesn’t like or understand.”

Gideon’s earned the endorsements of many community leaders including some who had supported his opponent for many years!

The Oakes campaign’s ground game is strong. Anyone who has knocked doors for a campaign knows that 4,000 doors is impressive and shows real dedication and commitment.

There is a saying in politics: “races are won at the door.” That is exactly why the national party is sponsoring these two field teams to help candidates like Gideon who have extra good odds of winning.

We want more Libertarians elected!

We wish we could do this for every Libertarian candidate but we don’t have the resources for that yet.

If you’d like to be part of this work, and help Libertarian candidates like Gideon who have extra good odds at winning, please donate today through the button below.

We need your help every day through Election Day to help give our candidates the best shot possible.

As always, thank you!

Lauren Daugherty
Development Director

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