We are going to outmaneuver and outwork them

Dear Libertarian,

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been pushing our special opportunity to have donations to the Ballot Access Fund TRIPLED.

Many thanks to all those who have donated!

So far, we’ve raised over $23,000, which triples to $69,000!

Those funds are going to make a big impact.

We are working to make sure that Libertarian candidates will be on every ballot in America in 2018. This is not easy.

The establishment parties know they can’t compete with our ideas, so they have put legal barriers in our way to limit our ability to get our candidates on the ballot.

Over the years, we’ve been working to strike down those barriers.

We’ve gotten many lowered. And we’ve made huge progress, especially in 2016, in surpassing the legal thresholds at the ballot box so that we get automatic access in many areas.

We are chipping away at ballot access barriers all across the country through persistence and strategic action.

Right now, Ohio is a key focus for the national Libertarian Party. The Republican Party of Ohio and their agents have a long track record of backroom deals, dirty political tricks, and twisting the law to suppress the Libertarian Party in Ohio. They know they can’t win in a fair fight, so they change the rules to give themselves an unfair advantage and hire their own referees to say that the new rules are fair.

What would you call a football team that did something like that? What if the stakes aren’t a football game, they’re the future of American politics?

I will not tolerate the old parties cheating with both hands to keep Libertarian candidates off the ballot. We are going to outmaneuver and outwork them. And we will not quit until every Ohioan is able to vote for a Libertarian candidate.

I can’t yet share with you all of the plans I have lest the Republican Party of Ohio get wind of it, but when we are done the Republican Party of Ohio will know exactly how it feels to punch a porcupine.

If you are tired of the shenanigans of the parties in power, if you are tired of their twisting the law to hold us at bay, if you want us to take the Republican Party of Ohio to task, please donate to the Ballot Access Fund today.

Your donation will help us overcome the hurdles we need to overcome to ensure we have Libertarians on ballots in Ohio and across America in 2018.


Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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