2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Recruitment Competition


Before we announce the winning candidates for the Libertarian Party’s presidential recruitment challenge, we would like to acknowledge the candidates that recruited candidates prior to the launch of this competition.

Jo Jorgensen and Vermin Supreme each reached out to LPHQ to receive links to sign up members for the Libertarian Party. Prior to the launch of the competition, the Jo Jorgensen campaign recruited 12 members and the Vermin Supreme campaign recruited 14 members. Well done and thank you!

Now for the winners of the competition…

Thank you to all of the candidates for your recruitment efforts. Together, 179 members were brought in and raised a total of $11,939 which will help place our eventual nominee on the ballot in all 50 states + DC.

Based on the results shown above, a plaque dedicated to Vermin Supreme will be mounted at the Libertarian Party’s National Headquarters in Alexandria, VA, in honor of his efforts.

The Libertarian Party 2020 presidential candidates are competing against one another for our POTUS nomination.

Our candidates have each been asked to participate in a Libertarian Party recruitment competition.

There are two methods to win. Bragging rights and a plaque in the Libertarian Party Headquarters building will be given to the candidate that recruits the highest total number of members AND to the candidate that brings in the most total revenue from this competition.

The competition will end at 12:01 am on May 1, 2020.

To help your candidate win, you can share their recruitment link below:

Adam Kokesh

Arvin Vohra

Brian Ellison

Daniel Behrman

Erik Gerhart

Jacob Hornberger

James Ogle

Jedidiah Hill

Jo Jorgensen

John Monds

Ken Armstrong

Kenneth Blevins

Louis Vanacore

Mark Whitney

Phil Gray 

Rhett Smith

Sam Robb

Sorinne Ardeleanu

Steve Richey

Vermin Supreme

To learn more about the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential candidates, click here.