Volunteers needed: help an elected Libertarian

Want to help an elected Libertarian who is making a difference for liberty?

As you probably know, Laura Ebke is a sitting state senator in Nebraska. We recently emailed you about her occupational licensing reform bill. I’m proud to tell you that it has passed the legislature and is now awaiting the governor’s signature! One Libertarian really can make a world of difference! These reforms are going to help many thousands of people to live more free, prosperous lives. Well done, Laura!

Laura is up for re-election and has to pass through the “jungle primary” in May. The two candidates who receive the most votes in this primary will advance to the general election in November. She’s competing against two Republicans.

The national party is sending a team to help Laura’s campaign in the final days before the May 15 election.

We need volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer to travel to Nebraska and help this critically important campaign, please contact Apollo Pazell at helpebke@LP.org or fill out this form. Time is of the essence so if you are interested and able to help, please contact us immediately.

If you can’t travel and volunteer, but want to help re-elect Laura, please donate using the form below. The funds donated will be used to help volunteers have the tools they need to be as effective as possible. Thanks to all those who have already contributed.

As always, thank you for your support of the Libertarian Party and our candidates!

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