‘InsiderNJ’: Libertarian Tosone running for CD5 seat

Jim Tosone, 2018 Libertarian candidate for U.S. House in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district

At their convention on March 24, Libertarian Party of New Jersey delegates nominated writer, musician, and business consultant Jim Tosone as their candidate for House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district.

The explicitly nonpartisan news website “InsiderNJ” featured coverage of Tosone following his nomination. From the March 27 piece, “Libertarian Tosone Running for CD5 Seat”:

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Tosone and his wife have lived in Township of Washington, Bergen County, for 30 years. Tosone had a thirty-year career at a Fortune 50 healthcare company as a Director of Business Technology. He now consults with leading organizations to help them enhance their innovation, collaboration, and communication skills. He holds degrees in Mathematics and Technology Management.

In 2017, Tosone was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for N.J. State Senate in District 39. He was vice chair of the New Jersey Libertarian Party in 2016 and 2017. He was a Contributor to the 2007 and 2016 editions of the reference book Idiot’s Guide: U.S. Constitution.

“I believe in our unalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness,” said Tosone. “I believe the primary purpose of government is to protect those rights. I believe the size, scope, and power of state government has exceeded its proper role. I believe the time is now — not tomorrow — for us to address our spending, tax, and debt problems.”

Tosone points out that the largest block of voters in the district are registered as Unaffiliated. ”Many believe the two-party system is broken. They are clamoring for a third choice in November,” he says. “I hope to be that choice, the candidate who is both fiscally responsible and socially inclusive.”

Learn more at Tosone’s campaign website: Tosone4Congress.com

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