Jefferson Area Libertarians celebrate anniversary of the Bill of Rights

John Munchmeyer wearing coat, tie, earmuffs; standing outdoors at lectern with microphone, addressing gathering; TV screen capture; text marquee reads: 'Bill of Rights Anniversay' and 'Charlottesville' and station ID 'NBC 29'

John Munchmeyer, chair of Jefferson Area Libertarians

On December 15, Bill of Rights Day, the Jefferson Area Libertarians assembled to pay tribute to the document that America’s founders installed to protect what they recognized as human beings’ natural rights.

Spearheaded by John Munchmeyer, the organization’s chair, the event was held at the Freedom of Speech Wall in downtown Charlottesville and covered by NBC affiliate WVIR-TV channel 29. From the coverage:

Friday, December 15, marked the 226th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, and Jefferson Area Libertarians wanted to celebrate.

On Friday afternoon, the group gathered by the Freedom of Speech Wall to take turns reading parts of the Bill of Rights aloud.

They say these amendments represent the best of the American political experience, and recognizes people’s rights.

“We want to be sure that people understand what those rights are, and they should celebrate the Bill of Rights, and we feel that the Bill of Rights Day, December 15, is not appreciated enough so we always want to make sure that people are aware of it,” says Jim Lark, secretary of the Jefferson Area Libertarians.

The group says that many people don’t know what the rights included in the Bill of Rights are, and this day serves as an awareness campaign.

Lark is also a former national chair of the Libertarian Party.

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