Joe Lanzendorfer running in special election in Delaware

Joe Lanzendorfer

Delaware Libertarian Joe Lanzendorfer is running in a special election on February 25 for the state senate 10th district seat.

Delaware Online, part of the USA Today network and the daily news outlet for the northern part of the state, describes Lanzendorfer as “a Libertarian who wants to legalize marijuana and push the federal government out of local schools.” He also proposes to lower taxes and eliminate useless government regulations.

Delaware Online also notes that “the race could have a huge impact on statewide politics — if Republicans can win the seat, they would become the majority party in the Senate for the first time in more than 40 years,” and that if Lanzendorfer wins, “it would lead to an unusual balance of power in the state Senate — Democrats and Republicans would be tied at 10 seats each.”

The seat was occupied by Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, a Democrat who became lieutenant governor on Jan. 17.

“Joe is a serious candidate who presents well, does his homework, and can explain his positions in layman’s terms.  He does quite well in a debate with his opponents, with respect and without resorting to ad hominem attacks”, said New Castle County vice chair Steve Boone.

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