Let’s help re-elect Laura Ebke!

Laura Ebke is a Libertarian state senator in Nebraska and she’s making us proud.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal gave some very favorable coverage to one of her bills that is aimed at occupational licensing reform.

Check out the WSJ‘s excellent editorial piece here .

Laura is making us proud with principled, practical, and important legislation like this.

She’s up for re-election this year. Nebraska has a “jungle primary”, which will be in May. In this primary, Laura must compete against two Republican candidates. The two candidates who get the most votes advance to the general election which will be in November.

The national LP is working to send a team to Nebraska to help her in the last couple of weeks before the primary election.

But this, of course, takes funds.

Want to help an elected Libertarian who is doing great work?

Here’s your chance.

Please donate below and you’ll be giving her a much needed boost right before election day.


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