Libertarian Delegates Select Chase Oliver as Presidential Nominee at the Libertarian National Convention

Washington, DC, May 26, 2024 —
Delegates at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention voted to select Chase Oliver as the 2024 party nominee for president, and Mike ter Maat as his vice-presidential running mate late Sunday night on May 26th, 2024.

From a field of more than ten candidates, through several rounds of voting, Mr. Oliver emerged as the favorite to take on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who spoke at the convention the previous evening, Robert F. Kennedy, who addressed the convention Friday, and Democrat incumbent Joe Biden.

Candidates on the ballot for delegates to choose from included: Michal Rectenwald, Mike ter Maat, Joshua Smith, Art Olivier, Charles Ballay, Joshua “Toad” Anderson, Lars Mapstead, Jacob Hornberger, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“I am proud and honored to accept the Libertarian nomination for president,” said Chase Oliver, 38, of Atlanta. “Voters across the country need a voice that is distant from the two-party system. In particular, Generation Z needs a voice that loudly and firmly opposes war around the world and supports peace and individual rights both at home and abroad.”

Presidential candidate Mike ter Maat was nominated on the floor for Vice President after the presidential nomination was ceded to Mr. Oliver and was voted into that position. Unlike most political parties, the Libertarian Party selects both POTUS and VP through delegate voting.