Libertarian Gary Johnson Garners More Major Newspaper Endorsements

Press Release

Gary Johnson

For Immediate Release | Friday, September 30, 2016 |

Alexandria – The Chicago Tribune and The Detroit News join The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Winston-Salem Journal and the New Hampshire Union-Leader in endorsing Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Both the Tribune and The Detroit News pointed out that Johnson and Weld, unlike the other tickets, have public executive experience and are candidates Americans can be proud to vote for.

From the Chicago Tribune –

“Libertarians Gary Johnson of New Mexico and running mate William Weld of Massachusetts are agile, practical and, unlike the major-party candidates, experienced at managing governments. They offer an agenda that appeals not only to the Tribune’s principles but to those of the many Americans who say they are socially tolerant but fiscally responsible…

“This year neither major party presents a good option. So the Chicago Tribune today endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for president of the United States. Every American who casts a vote for him is standing for principles — and can be proud of that vote. Yes, proud of a candidate in 2016.”

From The Detroit News

“Gary Johnson has excelled at public service. In his eight years as the Republican governor of New Mexico, he cut taxes while balancing the budget, and left the state in better fiscal shape than when he arrived. He also was a champion of school choice, and the state under his guidance made great strides in improving education….

“Johnson is joined on the ticket by William Weld, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, who likewise posted a record of good government and fiscal discipline. Johnson says he and Weld will govern as a team. That is encouraging. These are two honest, principled politicians who would put the interests of the nation first.”

The National Bureau of Economic Research has found that newspaper endorsements matter little except when they are unexpected, which causes voters to take notice.

“These newspaper editorial boards are made up of intelligent, well informed people who have an opportunity to sit for hours with Gary Johnson asking him tough questions. Their considered judgment of all of the candidates running for President has led to choosing him as the most qualified candidate to be President over both of his old party opponents,” stated Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark. “We commend The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Winston-Salem Journal for their open mindedness and thoughtful consideration for our nation’s best interests this November. Thank you for making your endorsement really count this year.”

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