Libertarian Kim Tavendale for Colorado state rep fighting to end crony capitalism

Kim Travendel for Colorado

Libertarian Kim Tavendale is running for on open state rep seat in Colorado’s 33rd district to “root out crony capitalism.”

She proposes eliminating regulations that insulate market incumbents from competition and abolishing government subsidies of specific industries or companies.

She calls for eliminating business taxes, which, she says, “hide the cost of taxation, burden employers, and reduce business activity.”

She strongly favors a repeal of Obamacare, arguing that “federal policies are a major source of the pathologies in our healthcare system.”

On education, the Libertarian proposes private-school deregulation and public-school reform that would ease licensing and certification rules, accreditation requirements, and reduce state and federal mandates.

Tavendale also promises to work tirelessly to stop wasteful government spending and get government out of businesses where it does not belong.

“These days, politicians run trains, bail out banks, construct houses, sell insurance, print books, and build basketball courts,” she said. “But the fact is, every service supplied by the government can be provided better and cheaper by private business in a competitive marketplace.”

On drugs, she argues that drug use that does not harm others is a personal matter and “should not be punished.”

Ms. Tavendale is in politics because of the arrogance of power. Not her own, but of those who hold elected office in her home state of Colorado.

She vividly remembers the day several years ago when she called the office of her state representative, Democrat Dianne Primavera, to voice her opposition to a gun bill being considered by the legislature.

Among other things, the measure provided for limiting the size of ammunition magazines, making the gun Tavendale had at home practically illegal.

She wanted to give Rep. Primavera a piece of her mind, but did not even get through.

“I spoke to someone in her office, and the essential message I got from that conversation was ‘We don’t care,’ ” Tavendale recalls. “I understood that my opinion was not even wanted.”

It is this arrogance of power, which has metastasized from faraway Washington all the way to Denver and beyond, that Tavendale, a multifaith minister from Broomfield, Co., is vowing to fight.

“We have too many career politicians,” she told LP News. “It is not what the Founding Fathers wanted. Ordinary people don’t get involved in politics anymore. And if we don’t get involved, we lose our ability to participate in the system.”

She wants Primavera’s seat, and she is convinced that her inclusive Libertarian agenda will resonate with voters tired of politics as usual.

Kim Tavendale immigrated from New Zealand in 1999 and is now a U.S. citizen.

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