Libertarian Party Condemns Bernie Sanders For Dropping Yemen Resolution

Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he planned to bring S.J. Resolution 56 to the Senate floor for a vote, claiming he had enough support to get it passed.

However, last night, Bernie cowered to the Regime, saying the White House “agreed to continue working with my office on ending the war in Yemen.” It’s clear that the Biden Administration pressured senators to vote against ending US involvement in Yemen. It’s even clearer that, under pressure from the President, Senator Sanders bent the knee and fell back into line…

400,000 Yemeni children have died over the last seven years because of the US-supported coalition’s genocide in Yemen, and now even more will die.

In the words of LNC Chair Angela McArdle:

In a disgusting display of callousness, President Biden whipped opposition to SJ Resolution 56, which would have ended US support for Saudi Arabia’s genocide against Yemen. Yesterday, Sen. Bernie Sanders felt confident he had the votes to pass this bill, but tonight he folded under White House pressure and failed to even call a vote. The people who opposed this bill should have been forced to go on the record and vote against it, and now even more children will die abroad because of US involvement.

While Bernie seems fine allowing this to happen, the Libertarian Party continues to call for an immediate end to U.S. support of genocide.

Anti-war Republicans and anti-war Democrats will always disappoint you. If America wants peace, America will have to vote Libertarian.