Libertarian Party to FDA: Get Out of the Way

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April 1, 2020

Libertarian Party to FDA: “Get Out of the Way!”

The Libertarian Party calls for the FDA to cease mismanaging the COVID-19 crisis and to allow American healthcare providers, industries and entrepreneurs to operate with a free hand.

“The previous high watermark for people the FDA killed by a bad decision was Vioxx at around 60,000. With their inept Corona response, the FDA will massively exceed that number,” said Libertarian Party Executive Director Daniel Fishman. “We call for the FDA to stand down from administering all COVID and healthcare-related activities. Let’s trust our better angels — the Healthcare providers and the supporting industries — and allow them carte blanche to act as they see fit.

There are undoubtedly people of the highest character working at the FDA, but as a government agency it has been politicized. This crisis is too important for politics. The implementation is simple: For any decision where a company would have to ask the FDA for permission, said permission should be assumed to be granted upon request. The FDA can be useful as a repository of all the work that is being done, so notifying the FDA still makes sense.

Likewise, any FDA regulations that restrain a company should be noted and then ignored when necessary.

The polarization and politicization of Americans is the culmination of years of deliberate work by two old parties. The constant battle for power in government waged at the ballot by these two enemies has led to a government that no longer serves the people but the parties. As such, government’s view of the crisis continues to be colored by the parties’ lenses as they look to November.

Lives are on the line. The petty R vs. D struggle cannot be allowed to cost any more lives. The
Libertarian Party begs the government to depoliticize the response by removing the FDA’s
powers for the duration of the crisis.

Trust our healthcare heroes.

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