The Left and Right attacked these companies and now look foolish

While millions of Americans are practicing social distancing in a COVID-19 outbreak, delivery service companies like Amazon are right at our doorstep with food, supplies and necessities.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. We are seeing community members from every city sharing vital information about grocery stores that are out of food or where those in need can find relief.

Libertarian activists like John Phillips took time off from work to distribute food in Decatur City, Iowa. He got the word out about this effort on Facebook.

Michael Heise from Pennsylvania placed this message on the door of every occupant in his building. He shared this message on Facebook and encouraged others to do the same.

Remember how presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wanted to break up Amazon and Facebook? These companies which are vital in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and communicating critical information were under attack just a year ago.

Self-reliance today has improved by leaps and bounds with companies like Amazon and Facebook!

And it’s not just Democrats. Republicans like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have attempted to flex their power as law makers to regulate Big Tech.

We as Libertarians know big government will do more harm than good in these difficult times. You can read our recent press release here on how government red tape was a detriment as COVID-19 started to spread in America.

We are the party of solutions. We know when communities team up to provide mutual aid they can overcome great challenges.

We are looking forward to better days. We have big and bold visions in our future. Some of those include:

A Libertarian presidential candidate included on the general election debate stage

A Libertarian congressional caucus

Entire city councils with elected Libertarians (we already have a few!)

A society where people are encouraged and empowered to be self-sufficient

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