Lily Tang Williams recalls life in communist China for Stossel interview

Lily Tang Williams in a John Stossel interview for Reason

Communist countries have killed hundreds of millions of people during the past century, but still some activists on the far left idolize the communist leaders who launched those murderous political systems. A recent John Stossel interview for Reason features Lily Tang Williams, who ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate as a Libertarian in Colorado in 2016. In her interview, Tang explains how she grew up in China during the reign of Chairman Mao, and gradually learned that the more powerful government becomes, the more it abuses its power and harms citizens.

“I was brainwashed for entire those school years,” Williams said in the Stossel interview. “Mao was like a god to me. I could listen to him talking to me from the clouds. Just like religion, right? I was so hungry all the time. My uncle taught me how to trap rats. But the problem is everybody is trying to catch rats. Rats run out too. It was horrible. It was horrible.”

This Stossel interview with Lily Tang Williams is part of Reason‘s commemoration of the the 100th anniversary of communism. View the full interview at Reason.